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The Circle of Life by Frank Natale

June 21 is Frank Natale’s birthday and the day of his passing. The Circle of Life, published next week, celebrates Frank’s life and teaching. Here is a excerpt from the book’s introduction. “These dark passages are truly the most valuable experiences in life because they move us beyond reasonableness and control.” My life has been […]

Book by Frank Natale

This Holiday Season: 3 Gifts to Give Yourself (and Those You Love)

Heading into the Holidays, your love life may be feeling like Fifty Shades of Blah-Blah-Blah. A truly transformational gift – to your self and others – is Frank Natale’s book Relationships for Life. “In seeking these qualities,” Natale writes. “You will gain an opportunity for greater awareness of your self, which is the highest achievement […]

Revelations at 4 a.m.

In mid-June my older brother was in the VA hospital recovering from cancer surgery. The prayers and support of friends were welcome, but I experienced tremors of spiritual malaise. My older sister and I visited each day keenly aware our brother’s unrestrained optimism was his greatest ally. And then one night the awakenings began. I […]

The Yoga of You (and Me)

What moves you to your edge, to that place where you meet – and move beyond – your limits? Waiting in line at the post office? Holding utkatasana (chair pose)? Asking for help? Swimming against the tide of malignant narcissism? One of my favorite quotes is by B.K.S. Iyengar: “The yoga begins when you want […]

The Choice to Think

This website and blog/newsletter is dedicated to sharing the transformational teaching legacy, writing and music of Frank Natale. The Choice to Think Excerpted from the book Relationships for Life by Frank Natale. The choice to think determines your reality. When you are conscious you have all the relationships you choose to have. When you choose […]