Results: The Willingness to Create
A Six-Week Course in Creative Consciousness

Your energy and self-confidence will improve and, over the course of six short weeks, you will create waves of revelations. On your own, or with a group, commit to an evening each week to connect with your self, read the lesson and experience what you will.

The Natale Results process is powerful, transformative and fun (if fun is a result you choose). Be aware some lesson points are repeated on purpose. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Literally. Enjoy your results.

Lesson descriptions and related audio visualization techniques (available on the Natale Life Skills YouTube channel):

IntroductionForward, message from Natale, definitions and agreements
Lesson, Week 1How all results are determined by your thoughts; Refocus your attention and choose a list of results that you truly want
Audio:Working Result (18:40)
Be Aware (24:00)
Lesson, Week 2Your point of view and opinions create your reality; The power of understanding the results cycle, creativity, cause and correction
Audio:Working Result (18:40)
Be Aware (24:00)
Lesson, Week 3How to create momentum and a new self-image; Perception and the inherent power of choice and commitment
Audio:Who I Choose to Be (10:00)
ICM Technique (11:45)
Lesson, Week 4Your wall of beliefs and how they limit your results; Create collective thought, agreement and results without delay
Audio:Pyramid of Clarity (13:00)
Receiving (9:15)
Lesson, Week 5How acknowledging all your results makes creation of major results inevitable; Break through your limitations
Audio:Completion & Acknowledgement (9:20)
ICM Purpose (12:00)
Alignment (15:10)
Lesson, Week 6Completion creates movement and acknowledgement creates more results; How to accelerate the results cycle
Audio:Source Technique (30:00)

Enjoy Your Self.